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I love Downton Abbey, we all do here at Shannon Heritage Gift Shop. I adore it, from everything to living in a huge sprawling  house, to having Servants to cater to your every whim, sweeping down staircases in lovely dresses, being called Lady something.. giving withering looks to young men who come to court and Afternoon Tea ( imagine , you ring a bell and some guy comes marching in with a tray of yummy cakes and no need to wash up) !! But do you know what I love best ? The Clothes… Truly I belong to the wrong era. There I am ,sitting in my sloppy tracksuit, drinking Barry’s tea and rich tea biscuits ( all of which I have to both get and wash myself), and there is Lady Mary and Lady Ethel drifting from love affair to love affair with dishy young men, all the while living the latest drama ( you know yourself, no sooner does your Dad’s valet get accused of murder, sentenced to death, found innocent at the last minute, then his missus your maid gets accused of a different murder, found innocent …etc and so on.),
Through out all this, the Ladies look Fabulous.. they don’t let lost inheritances, house fires, squabbling servants and multiple murder trials get in their way. Oh No. They simply shrug off their Afternoon Tea Dress, and slip into their Silk Evening Gowns without a care in the world.

But my dear reader, my favourite by far… The Hats. The Downtown Abbey look Hats. You know the ones, Lady Edith is dashing off to London to mind her publishing empire ( as you do) , and there perched elegantly on her head is a gorgeous 20’s cap. Lovely.

So, I took a wander round the Cliffs of Moher Gift Shop.. and I found these little gems. They are from Mucros Weavers, and they are called, The Mucros Flapper hats!. Have a look, aren’t they dotey !!

Mucros Magenta Flapper Hat
Mucros Magenta Flapper Cap
Now, that one, is a bit Daring. I would see it as a Lady Sybil Hat – Remember her , she was the lady who ran off with the Chauffeur (mind you he was quite runnable away with if you ask me).
Here is another, a little more sedate, a Lady Edith I would say:
Mucros Black Flapper Cap
Mucros Black Flapper Cap

Now, if you don’t happen to live near the Cliffs of Moher ( and not a lot of people do, its a gorgeous rugged kind of place), fret not. We have them here at Shannon Irish Design Store Online Shop

Just follow the magical link:

Ladies Hats and Caps

So the boys don’t feel left out, we have some cool caps for them too here Gents Hats and Caps.

Mucros Gents Trinity Flat Caps
Mucros Gents Trinity Flat Cap

Oh, and if you do get to the Cliffs of Moher Gift Shop, say hi to Chris. Another one of my friends. Now, he may not know much about Downton Abbey, but there is not a rock on those Cliffs that he does not know all about. Go on, ask him, Tell him I sent you.

Have a great weekend everybody. Until the next one.

Orlagh Cassidy, E Commerce Manager, Shannon Heritage Online Gift Shop.