Shannon Heritage Bunratty New Store

Well everybody.. its finally here. We are absolutely THRILLED here at Shannon Heritage Online to tell you all that our new Shop in the Bunratty Folk Park is OPEN.. and its Gorgeous.

But the real thing, the actual thing that nearly brought me to tears ( it really did , I am not messing) was a conversation I had with the Head of Retail For the Shannon Group – Darren Smyth. It had been a long day, and he was standing at a point where he could see the entire store, and just remarked on how proud he was. Naturally I agreed, he should be proud, but it was not just the store that he was discussing, it was what was in it. Beautiful, professional, finely crafted Irish products, that could take their place in the world. Suzanna Kelly, our Head of Buying, lets just say, she has the magical touch. Right there in front of us was the love and dedication of generations of Irish Craft – Avoca, with their wonderful colourful throws, scarves , with generations of families working the mills, since 1723, a true labour of love. Foxford Woollen Mills, an industry that was born after the ravages of the Irish Famine, a Mill that save a small village from disappearing as so many others had, now a thriving business, still carrying on that wonderful tradition. And not just them, but the hopes and dreams of new Irish Designers, taking their place in the world., the quirky crafts from the Button Studio – the dream of Jane Walsh, an NCAD grad, who just loves buttons and who has throw this passion for art into creating the most adorable pictures you have ever seen:Just situated at the front of the Bunratty Folk Park – this beautiful store is waiting for you to explore. You don’t even have to enter the Folk Part to wander round the delightful treasury of some of the best the Irish have to offer. Wonderful, Elegant bespoke Throws from Foxford and Avoca. Aran’s from Carraig Donn, the elegance and grace of Tipperary Crystal and other delectable toys and treats. I have to say for me it was love at first sight. Clair, the Bunratty Shop Manager is beyond thrilled. Both she, and her team ( yes Ailbhe you too) have worked so hard to get the magic ready for you..They even had to be reminded to go home some nights, they were that carried away. I know, I was there.
The enticing visual merchandising came from the genius of Derek Dunphy from DDisplay ( he was such a perfectionist, I learnt so many ways of making a Sweater look amazing).

Button Studio at Bunratty Shop

So Darren ( from Cork, an expressive bunch that lot from Cork), made me realise what a responsibility we had in showcasing all of this tradition and fine craft. We really have  worked hard to make a shop worthy of these treasures, we owe it to them.
Now just in case, you can’t get over to see us at the Shop ( seriously folk’s what’s keeping you, daily flights from Shannon Airport Transatlantic and European), you can see some of these wonderful things right here on the Shannon Heritage Online Gift Shop.

This is our new shop, we are so proud of it, we love it, we hope you do too.

Until the Next Time,

Stay Classy !

Orlagh,  ECommerce Manager – Shannon Heritage Gift Shop Online.