St Patrick’s Day…

St Patrick’s Day at Shannon

Well, where do I start? We are absolutely jumping with excitement here at the Shannon Irish Design Store with our plans for St Patrick’s Day. Before I go into that, let me give you a bit of the background. St Patrick was actually a Welshman! Yeah, I know… wonder who he would support in the Rugby? He was born in the 5th Century, got kidnapped by some Irish Pirates (Captain Jack O’Sparrow ) and taken to Ireland as a slave.

So despite all of this, he grew up to be an Irish Bishop and did such a great job that we all decided to have a big mad Party every year just to celebrate him! In fairness, sure he deserves it. By the way, if you are in Ireland over St Patrick’s weekend, don’t tell anybody I told you he was Welsh. I will deny it… I really will. So let’s just keep that one among ourselves.

Here’s a picture of the Man Himself. Now it was a time before selfies, so this is taken from a Stained Glass Window

In fairness, he looks like a nice chap. Now St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world. But I have to tell you, Ireland is the only place to be. So, come on, jump in a Plane and get over here.
Shannon Airport has daily flights from lots of locations ( Boston, New York) and from many European Cities. You will land in Shannon, the gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way not to mention the West of Ireland with all its rugged beauty.

Can you imagine, spending your St Patrick’s weekend at one of the numerous parades all over the country, then finished with a turf fire and a nice glass of Irish Coffee which, according to Legend was actually invented in Shannon Airport, go on, google it and they will tell you. Now, no matter where you are in Ireland on March 17th, you will not be far from a Parade. Every Village, City or Town in the country have Parades.

So, if you want to indulge in this delight, my best advice is to Jump Right In. If you fancy a big Parade, sure Dublin is only a couple of hours up the motorway.

Here are a few Parade tips:

  1. Little ‘uns up the front. The Irish adore kids and the kids adore Parades. So, if you are travelling with Children, expect a parting of the waves where your smallies are gently pushed to the front of the crowd by the happy locals. Keep an eye on them – because they can wander off, I learned that the hard way.
  2. It can be chilly, so wrap up warm. Now is your chance to show off your lovely Aran Irish sweater (and keep that Atlantic Chill away).
Carraig Donn Ladies Aran PonchoOr for himself…

Both available from Shannon Irish Design Store.

Now, what if, gasp, you can’t make it to Ireland for this year’s St Patrick’s Day? Well, we promise we won’t take it personally, well we will try not to anyway. How do you bring some Ireland back to your part of the world? Well, if you want to give a lovely present, the online gift shop for Shannon Irish Design Store is running a very special offer on a beautiful, Irish hallmark, Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring:

This is called the “maids Claddagh ring”.. A maid in Ireland does not necessarily mean Anna from Downtown Abbey, rather a reference to a young girl. This ring goes from size 4 up to 9 so suitable for many finger sizes. But it is more suited to a Lady’s Hand… And … it’s €19.99. Don’t forget, if you are in the US, you can get that Vat Free !! Pop onto Shannon Online Gift Shop Maids Claddagh ring.

Bye everybody, until our next post.